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Walk it out


This has been a hard year for so many of us. For me, it’s been filled with more grief than I can comfortably manage: for people lost; opportunities vanished; fantasies demolished.

“I’ve hit the wall,” I told my doctor. “I can’t take it anymore and I don’t see a way out. My [loving] husband says I need to snap out of it,” I told him, and cried.

“You won’t snap out of it,” he responded, and I was stunned. “You will walk out of it.”

The hardest days; the hardest times. We walk out of them, because there is no other suitable choice. And… because we are strong and brave. And... because I wrote “I’m gonna walk out of it” on my wrist in pink pen, and you can too.

If you are in a room of pitch black darkness -- mud and grime and scrambling mice at your feet -- do you panic? Hell yes! But do you STAY? Hell no! You find the door and Walk Out. You STUMBLE out, if you need to.

In that dark room -- surrounded by wall after wall -- it might take a while to find the door, but you don’t stop looking. And then sooner or later, you find it… and you walk dat ass out.

We will all walk out.

Wishing you safety, peace, and doors galore in 2021.

Xo, Mom


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