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Some is bright

Dear Friends,

Is anybody else perfectly sick of adulting? I’m gonna answer that for you: Yes you are.

Well guess what. This Christmas day, I’m fighting back against the overwhelm. I’m gonna pretend I’m a real life kid!

Here’s my plan:

-Loosen up: 15 min of exercise, mad CBD oil, a quick lil meditation, and Evermore on repeat.

-Slow down. Let the day unfold without trying to control things. Take it moment by moment.

-Eat what makes me happy: I'ma drink eggnog till my belly splits. And if I do eat too much, I'm not gonna panic... because my body is perfectly capable of digesting all that food... and it will!

-Drink what makes me happy: I'm gonna have a Mimosa or two or four - just enough alcohol to swirl on my tiptoes,`a la Sound of Music, but not so much that I want to tiger-lunge at my husband every time he clears his throat.

-Dance. Play. Outside, inside, in the rain, and -- most importantly -- with the coolest of my children's new toys. ("The mannequin head looks great sweetie, but you should try contouring BELOW the cheekbones. Here, move over.")

-Sit on a grown-up's lap. Ideally a sexy lap. HINT: If there aren't any sexy laps around then keep it kosher: gather your kids next to each other and sit on them as a group. Really push down onto their laps and chests with your fully body weight. Tell them, “This is what parenthood feels like.”

-Delight in my children’s glee... and join them there! Step into a state of wonder. And when I fall out of it, I want to step back in.

Now, I'm not saying this will all go perfectly; this is an exercise. Remember last month when I suggested we try and find peace in every Thanksgiving moment? Cut to me cursing myself while SCRUBBING THE TOILET in advance of my in-laws arrival (they're in our 'pod').

Do you know how much effort that required -- to find peace in that moment of reeking horror? Did you know that every time I clean that bathroom, it somehow winds up smelling even worse, and that child pee seems to have seeped into the porcelain tiles? It’s like the piss stains are screaming, “We will not be defeated!” I might have to erect a circus tent and fumigate the place. Well, ANYWAY... if I can find halfway peace while cleaning that bathroom, then I can certainly channel my inner child on Christmas Day.

And I know that you can too.

Wishing you the happiest, happiest holidays!!!

xoxoxo, Mom


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