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imperfect creatures

You guys, there is something very wrong with our elf. Her name is Star, and she doesn’t seem to be moving at all. It’s been THREE DAYS now during which she hasn't moved an inch, just perched in the upper half of our Christmas Tree. My daughter went so far as to sprinkle cinnamon on Star's head because “that’s what they said on YouTube.” But even THAT didn’t work!

“My friends’ elves do all of these funny things,” my daughter complained. “Carson’s elf wrapped himself up in a burrito… Skylar’s elf spread shaving cream all over the bathroom mirror, like a snow storm!”

That sounds awful, I thought, and shuddered inside. “That’s why I’m asking Santa Claus for a new one,” my daughter said.

A new elf??!

I thought about this. “Daughter,” I said. “I think you maybe just hafta accept all elves for who they are. Right? Like, think about people. Every person is different. Some people are just a little bit lazy. Some people are just mellow, or content. Some people are just like, maybe a little bit ditsy sometimes, and forget to move themselves. (But not me. DEF not me.) Some people are more introspect, like Star... Obviously, she likes to observe and she found the most perfect spot in the room. See? She found what works. And that's wonderful! I applaud you, Star! ”

“I’m asking for a baby elf, too,” my daughter said.

“What I mean is,” I concluded, “We all have our imperfections and that’s part of what makes us lovable and unique! We love you Star!

She countered my argument: “Well, I get how people are all different. That’s why I am asking for a brand new elf. Because I bet it will have a different personality.”


Two days into Star not moving, my daughter left some notes in the tree, right where Star could reach them and deliver them to Santa. Now, normally I wouldn’t have touched them but I wanted to make sure they got to the Bigman, since Star has clearly proven herself to be an unreliable ambassador. So I ripped open the envelopes, to see where I should address them.

Three of the letters were for Santa, asking, individually:

  1. Whether he is black or white or brown

  2. For an iphone 10 (which she is not getting)

  3. For a momma and a baby elf

Oh boy, I thought, Cue the credit cards and Amazon Prime (which I despise as a matter of principle, but still...)

The last of the letters was for Star.

“Dear Star,” it said, “Thank you for coming.”

<3 <3 <3

During this difficult season in particular, may we all practice heartfelt appreciation for the ones we love, imperfections and all. And may we all have a blessed new year.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Xox Mom


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