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Hey there friends,

A miniature story:

As a final winter hurrah, we took the kids skiing. It was my first time in ten years, and their first time skiing, ever.

We spent the morning on the bunny hill. “Trust your feet,” I told them, as they inched down, sixteen centimeters per minute.

After lunch, I took off for a couple of longer, solo runs. This is more boring than I remember, I thought. And then… I sped up. I skied on the edge of danger; I pushed past my comfort zone. I stopped trying to micromanage the mountain: I began to trust my feet. And at last, I felt alive.

As winter gives way to spring, let us bloom beyond our comfort zones. Let us trust that our instincts -- the path that our feet long to take -- will lead us to exciting places. In the wise words of Brené Brown, “We feel more alive when we are brave with our lives.”

Here’s to a season of living bright, beautiful, and daringly alive.



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